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Panama Jack

Panama Jack

I was born in San Leandro, CA. and became a radio DJ in Stockton, CA. at age 15. Yes, like Gordon Stack, I am one of the few remaining DJ's in America who actually used to "spin vinyl". I lived in the Midwest for many years (Kansas mostly) and actually lived and worked in Joplin, MO. a few years ago. Believe it or not, my old house was hit by the devastating May 22nd 2011 tornado. I know.....freaky. Though I've been very fortunate in my career, the highlight would have to be in 1993 when I met the one and only Wolfman Jack. My hero however, will always be my father. For those of you unfamiliar with the broadcast industry, let's just put it this way.... Remember WKRP in Cincinnati? It's exactly like that only we use headphones. :)

I am a bachelor (no children, never married, no pets but love animals) and a bit of a big kid (Probably why I get along with them so well). I suppose I'm still stuck in the 80's. I'm also a big video game (and pinball) I collect the big stand up arcade machines and keep one on at all times in the living room. It's the ultimate piggy bank and helps with the rent in a pinch. I love boxing/hockey/MMA/rodeos/concerts/stand up comedy/fishin'/racin'/horseback ridin'....and I love old steam trains. I love Star Trek but don't go to I also really dig karaoke... not sure if I'm the greatest singer....but.... I'm also good friends with recording artist Doug Stone who has promised to visit from time to time. Though I'm probably considered to be a bit of a yankee, I'm still excited to make Cumberland County my home.

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