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Duke Rice

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Duke Rice

About Duke

Name: Duke Rice

Status: Married with two kids and two dogs.

Hobbies: Enjoy golf, though I don’t play enough, running up the score on everybody on Madden Football, having fun with my kids, enjoying quiet time with my wife.

What scared you as a child? There was this show, Sir Graves Ghastly that would come on every Sat. afternoon, when I was a kid in Detroit. He would show old monster movies, but when it came on and he came out of that coffin, I would hit the door running out of the room. My uncles and cousins, still tease me about that.

Who are your favorite Mix artists? Eagles, Matchbox 20(Rob Thomas could sing the phonebook and it would sound awesome!)

What is your favorite book? Steven King’s Salem’s Lot. This is the only book that I’ve read that gave me nightmares after I finished the book.

Favorite Movies: Star Wars, (I’m a huge Star Wars freak!) The Godfather, and Goodfellas, Cloverfield.

Favorite TV shows: CSI, Office, Survivor, ER, any time there is a football game.

Favorite Foods: Pizza and a really good Mexican dish!


E-mail me at and join me weekdays 10:00a - 3p on The Plateau’s Best Variety, Mix 99.3.

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